1. I’ve actually been there. Had a buddy in High School whose family kept snakes. First time I went over to his house he showed me the terrariums where the family pets were kept. While I was sitting in a big easy chair talking, I suddenly felt a weight on my shoulder. Then I looked into the eyes of a 6-foot rubber boa which was draped over my shoulder with its head just inches from my face, its tongue flicking out tasting the air around me. I just stayed still (not sure why I didn’t piss myself) and said, “Ah, Rob? Whats this?” as calmly as I could. By buddy just laughed and said, “Oh, that’s just Sweety Pie.” Seems this particular snake had the run of the house. Anyhow, after a couple of minutes, Sweety Pie snuggled her head under my jaw and made herself at home. After that I was just a member of the family. Spend many a Saturday at Robs house watching TV with Sweety Pie curled up in my lap. I found out later that if the snake had rejected me I would not have been welcome back.

    I can still remember the feel of the snake’s weight on my shoulder and the look of its eyes on a level with and just inches from mine.

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